Entertaining, enlightening, empowering and educational, Heard began with a passion for reading and a love of writers.  Here we put readers and writers together to read and hear the best prose, poetry, plays and scripts.

  On Heard, you get up close and personal with authors of all ages and all genres – authors that you’ll see in your grocery store and authors that you’ll see on the tube, some whose point of view you’ll agree and some whose you won’t.  So, check ‘em out, then go read a book!

  These authors have something to say about their life, their experiences and their literary works.  If you’re ready to be enlightened, entertained, educated and empowered, then Heard is for you! 

It will answer your curious questions like:

  • What was that author thinking when they wrote that line?
  • What influence did their personal life have on a particular book character?
  • Which one is easier – writing or breathing?

  Literature, non-fiction, fiction, mystery, history, children’s, self-help, science, nature, health and nutrition, romance…we love it all!

  Have a favorite author? Then share it with us or leave a comment.  Let others hear what you felt when you read your favorite book.  Tell us and spread the word!  Like us and influence others!  Then, make sure to tune in weekly – or whenever the mood for a good interview hits you!  Heard is on 24/7.  It’s TV that matters.

  Have you Heard?


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