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1.5.11 Save the economy – buy a book!  No, save your life, buy and READ a book!

12.27.11 In this season of love, sharing, giving and creativity, may we all remember that peace and freedom are central to the Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa holidays.  So be free.  And read.

11.29.11  “Darkness there, and nothing more.” A salute to science fiction author Anne McCaffrey and the closing of Raconteur Books in New Jersey.  Was Poe right?

11.21.11.   Just read the article on the resignation of Cardinal Bernard Law in the Boston Herald.  On tomorrow’s show, Dr. Patricia Edmisten, author of The Longing for Wisdom, talks about the need for reform in the Catholic Church, especially as it relates to sexual abuse by priests and other Catholic clergy.

11.4.11. Here’s to Andy Rooney, who always had his say!

We’ve been working on two new productions, and while we’re excited about the opportunity, we realize that creating new projects always always always presents opportunities to learn and grow!  And speaking of growing, we’re pleased to welcome a new producer, Donna Johnson, to the Robert Robino Production team.  She’s brilliant, creative, funny, and like everybody at RRP, very good-looking!!!  Look for her on the air to bring some serious laughs and funny insights to Heard – and beyond.

Check out Heard’s Youtube Channel by looking for “heardtv.”  We’ve just uploaded the first two Afro Picks Book Club videos that have Charlene from Arkansas, Lynn from New Jersey, and William and Avid from Alabama.  They’re joining the tens of thousands of love Heard.  Do you LIKE us? Well, let the world know just how smart you are and start SUBSCRIBING to our Youtube Channel today!  And tell us what you’re reading!

I’m so excited about the launch of Afro Picks, our new book club.  Don’t worry! There are no membership applications or dues, and the only meeting is in your mind!

Heard is headed to Mobile, Alabama to find some fabulous book readers.   (not the electronic kind (although they’re kinda cute, the human kind!)  Check back in a couple of weeks and see who we find.  It just might be you!

I know everyone on this earth is amazing, and I look forward to meeting each one of you one book at a time.  I was recently in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina (and couldn’t eat a grit or a rice, but I did get some peach cider!) for the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance tradeshow and met authors, publishers, booksellers and book cheerleaders (for real!).   One such literary cheerleader is Bethanne who started Friday Reads, a place where you can tell what you’re reading.  Amazing!  Check it out and add your hoorah to the list. 

And be on the lookout for the first Afro Pick video.  I’m hitting the street as we speak to search for my first, uhm, victorious reader!  It could be you!

I’ve been brainstorming ideas lately for the new website and some other show changes, which led me to look at some videos on creativity.  I really dig the TED series of speakers and one of my new favorites is Steven Johnson’s talk, “Where Do Good Ideas Come From?”  (I know, I know – the preposition thing!)  What great motivation in 20 minutes or less!

The only thing constant is change. With all of the changes in bookstores, it seems the literary kingdom has come full circle with the demise of the mega-bookstores.  This (and the upcoming independent booksellers tradeshow hosted by SIBA) got me to thinking about how and where I buy books. I’d have to rank my purchases (both business and personal) as a tie between independent and chain bookstores first, library sales second, and second hand retail stores third. 

In a year, this purchase pattern will probably change as chain stores continuously reorganize their marketing efforts from bricks to clicks. I love browsing through stacks, smelling the musty history drift from the pages of an old book, and finding a personal literary jewel – like getting my last two books for a total of eight bucks! Regardless of where you buy or borrow your books, keep buying and borrowing and buying and borrowing.  Books keep us literate and learning and loving. 

So, while you may have to change where you buy books, never stop buying.  The world is constantly counting on you.


If you ever need to refocus your line of thinking and read some of the most amazing lines ever written in a book, then check out Walter Mosley‘s new private investigator, Leonid T. McGill, in The Long Fall and Known to Evil.


A day after the three month birthday of Heard TV, we’re launching Heard Radio.  Happy Birthday, Heard!!!  Now you can give yourself the gift of Heard and listen in the car, in your office (call if “professional development”), at the beach, on the train, or on a snow-capped mountain (brrrr!!!!).  Check out our first Heard Radio show (see ‘Past Shows’) with a great conversation with the literary diva Mamie Webb Hixon and hear how to write right.

Happy Birthday, Heard!  Three months old and you look mah-va-lous…


Starting with the second week in August, you’ll see some differences on the show, courtesy of the wonderfully challenging learning of editing the shows to give it a more personal feel.  We hope you like it.

Doing the show this new way has certainly given ample opportunities to have some growing pains! That’s the beauty of life as we’re given chances to stretch and grow.  So, today’s show (August 9) will broadcast at noon (12 pm CST).  Thanks for your patience as our ‘fro expands!

Peace – and go read a book!


Wow! I can’t believe it’s only one day away from the taping of the funniest show ever!  I saw several studio audience guests this past weekend and they’re already exercising their stomach muscles because they’re expecting to laugh out loud out loud with the comedy writers.

We’ll post a teaser of the show next week so you can see what you will see on Labor Day.  See ya.  Now, go read a funny book!


It’s five days into July and my afro has just recovered from whirlwind interviews of the most exciting names in urban fiction at the Bayou Soul Writers and Readers Conference last week.  This inaugural event was the brainchild of author and professor Clarence Nero (Cheekie, Temptations of Desire, and Three Sides to Every Story) who saw the need to celebrate the literary arts ahead of the Essence Music Festival’s celebration of the performing arts.  I’m excited to have interviewed him along with authors Omar Tyree, Wahida Clark, and Brian W. Smith.

I also interviewed American Idol contestant and top 20 finalist Jordan Dorsey and heard a voice that speaks of rhythmic angels.  One of the unexpected treats was hearing Walter Johnson, the brother of Toya, of BET’s Toya, A Family Affair.  His reality check was a comedic relief even as he seriously told about his life challenges that landed him in the “big house.”

A big “thank you” to the great staff and volunteers of the conference for your hospitality and graciousness.  You made my afro fluffily happy!

Until July 19, here are a few sneak peaks.


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    Great info! Love the interviews! Keep up the amazing work!

  2. Your website and blog delivers a world of information, stories and insights. I appreciate the array of writers with their mix of life’s adventures. This site concentrates many perspectives for the reader and listener to consider on their own. Thank you for trusting your audience to do that. Write on!

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    New look! I like, I like!

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