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For centuries, poetry has been used to voice ideas, thoughts and opinions by writers.  About  five decades ago, different and distinct American voices in poetry arose to have their voices heard in the public discourse on civil rights.  They put some of the poems to serious music beats beats; others just spoke.  And the “Spoken Word” movement was born. And so were the Last Poets, a group of men who spoke about politics, social ideas and their everyday experiences.

On the next show, you’ll meet Quincy Hull, author of the book, Like Crabs in a Bucket,  and the spoken word CD, Still Black See.  As one of the “children” of these poetry pioneers, he has made it a part of his life’s purpose to revolutionize words so that people engage in change in their families, communities and nations. In Like Crabs in a Bucket (2003, LinWal Publications), “Q,” as he is called, uses his words to pen his angst about pain, abuse and social change in Gary, Indiana and Memphis, Tennessee.

He speaks truth to power.

Poetry. Public discourse. Spoken Words.

Watch the show on Tuesday, March 6, 2012.

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7 Responses to Next on Heard

  1. gerald dowling says:

    Just checking, I haven’t been able to grab the newer interviews since Sonny Brewer, there is one on Tuesday, tomorrow? Thanks Gerald

    • Robin says:

      Hi, Gerald. Thanks for tuning in. New shows are posted every Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. and you can see the older shows under the “Past Shows” tab. Let us know if you can view them.


  2. Larie says:

    Congratulations to LaVender! I’ve read, highlighted, re-read, dog eared pages, referenced to and suggested “We Snap In Silence” loyally! I will be tuning in on Tuesday!


    • Robin says:

      Hi, Larie.
      Be sure to watch LaVender on the next show. Her conversation was simply powerful! After reading her book and talking with her, I finally learned to like PMS!!!

  3. Adrian says:

    Hi Robin,

    Please forward me your email address. Thanks Adrian Vaughan

  4. maxine cunningham says:

    Hi Robin,

    Really enjoyed our interview. I’m looking forward to viewing all the interviews from the Christian Writers Literary Festival in Baltimore on Dec. 10th. However, can’t replay the interviews from earlier today. Please advise me. Thanks.

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