Episode 24 – Walter Richardson

Walter Richardson, Author of How Great Thou Art


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Original Air Date: November 8, 2011

There is plenty that should amaze you about Walter Richardson, the least of which that he was 78 when he wrote his first book, How Great Thou Art.  That he had a stellar and honorable career in the U.S. Air Force is great, and couple that with the fact that he is a Congressional Gold Medal honoree for his service as a Tuskegee Airman, and you can understand why we are excited to share this conversation with you. 

His book and his life are filled with humorous – and often humbling – experiences that shaped his life and impacted his family and community.  From blowing up two toilets to cutting grass with a barrel, this resourceful gentlemen has led a life any veteran would be proud of.

Check out the conversation.  Tell your friends. Get ready to laugh and cry and cheer!  Only on Heard.  It’s TV – and radio – that matters.

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