Episode 28 – Alicia Waters

A Word for Your Womb by Alicia Waters


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Heard Radio interview with Alicia Waters



Original Air Date: December 6, 2011

In this season of birth and rebirth, is there life after depression, low self-esteem, and pain?

If you’ve ever gone or are going through depression, you will want to watch this show.  If you have ever doubted yourself, even if everything outwardly looked just fine – according to everyone else – then you’ll want to watch this show.  If you have ever been in pain that never seemed to end, then you will want to watch this show.  If your life is a lie, then you will want to watch this show.

When Alicia Waters, author of the new book A Word for Your Womb (WestBow Press, 2011), decided to come clean about her past, she decided to walk in truth.  In her words from a poem titled the same, she speaks to advise others of what she did:

“No room for misunderstanding, error, or lie

Get it together now and tell it before you die.”

This is a show about birth and rebirth. Watch for this conversation beginning Tuesday, December 6, 2011,  at 10:00 am.

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