Episode 16 – Comedy Writers

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September 5, 2011 – Original Air Date

Little did the founders of the Labor Day envision that on Labor Day 2011, the funniest writers and comedians would gather in one place in front of a studio audience and celebrate their labor of, er, laughs!  Celebrate the Labor Day with this week’s special show, “Comedy Writers: Funny on Demand”.

Join Robin and her special co-host, T. Bubba Bechtol, the great Grand Ole Opry comedian, media personality and author of Who’s Your Bubba? as they share laughs and the inside scoop on how comedy writers are demanded to work to make us laugh and think and laugh again at what we’ve read or heard.

This all-star line-up includes Joey Coutain, a South Carolina award-winning comedy writer and comedian who has graced the stages that have seen the likes of Steve Harvey, Jeff Foxworthy and Chris Rock; Mike “Cookie” Crawford, a former Alabama cop turned comedian whose stories are so funny that they must be true; Donna Johnson, a Florida poet, actress, playright who has been writing for 30 years and whose religious audiences always laugh at the truth knowing that laughter is good medicine; and Kermit Baker, who under the tutelage of Shawn Harris (the nephew of the late comedian Robin Harris) and on to stage with Mike Epps and Aries Spears, has learned that the best – and funniest – writing is about everyday life.

These are some of the funniest interviews ever!  Happy Labor Day, you hard workers!  Enjoy your rest and let these comedy writers and comedians share their funny words with you.  Only on Heard. It’s TV that matters, 24/7.

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