Episode 13 – Mamie Webb Hixon

Mamie Webb Hixon and the Essentials of English Language

August 16, 2011 – Original Air Date

This show is the most fun you’ve ever had in an English class! On the way to learning the evolution of the English language, you’ll discover when your tongue needs to wear a tuxedo and when it needs to be adorned with a t-shirt!  And you’ll laugh all the way to your literary bank! 

Author, professor, university writing laboratory director, editor and all-around literary diva, Mamie Webb Hixon is one of the world’s smartest and most read human beings.  On this show, she shares why we should write right and gives us tips on how to right the literary wrongs in our written thoughts and spoken words.  Author of Essentials of the Englis h Language, Real Good Grammar, and Grammar Shots, and a frequent contributor and editor of articles, newspapers, magazines and books, Mamie gives writers – and students – hints on when to be possessive and when to be demonstrative!

If u won’t 2 no how 2 right gooder & gooder, than tuned to these show & you shall get 2 getting you’re english right & tights.

In this fun conversation, you’ll learn how the English language has been “Americanized”  and how to use these revolutionary changes to you’re your advantage.

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